Our Wedding Date: June 25, 2016

Our Engagement in Key West, Florida

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    Key West, Florida

    Jeremy and Stacie met in college and were good friends during their time at CMU. Upon graduating they went their separate ways, Stacie heading to DC and Jeremy to New York. Staying in touch and occasionally visiting each other, it was on one visit by Stacie for New Years in New York that they realized they were way more upset having to say goodbye than they should have been. From there their relationship grew. After a year of long distance and dozens of train rides, Stacie moved to New York and they both soon moved to Connecticut.


    Once in Connecticut, Jeremy put into action his plan to bamboozle Stacie into marrying him. After intentionally catching Stacie's father, Jack, off guard so Jack couldn't mess with him, Jeremy asked for permission to marry Stacie. Jack granted permission after a few very sweaty seconds for Jeremy.  From there Jeremy enlisted the help of Stacie’s family and his boss to surprise Stacie with the proposal.


    On a trip with Stacie’s family to Key West, Jeremy unexpectedly received a text from his boss Kenny saying he had to come home because the desk was going to be short-handed. Obviously distraught that her devilishly handsome boyfriend (his words) would have to leave mid-vacation, fighting back tears (his memory) Stacie bid Jeremy farewell and saw him into a cab.


    Unbeknownst to Stacie, it was all a ruse and the text from Jeremy’s boss was part of his ploy. Jeremy was actually only going a few blocks down the road to set up a surprise proposal at Café Marquesa. An hour (and a couple gin and tonics) later Jeremy saw Stacie and her family coming from down the road and ducked around the corner. Upon entering Café Marquesa, Stacie’s sister Paige guided Stacie to the seat that had its back to where Jeremy was hiding. Obviously this didn’t work as Stacie refused and started walking to the other side of the table. At that moment Jeremy walked out from where he was hiding and upon seeing him a shocked Stacie asked “what are you doing here?” After pushing through several chairs to get to around the table, Jeremy got on one knee and proposed. Stacie burst into tears and said “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.” Actually she just burst into tears and nodded a lot. The rest of the night was spent eating good food and drinking good wine and getting harassed by people that immediately found out on the internet about the engagement before we could tell them because Stacie’s sister posted it to Instagram.


    Stacie and Jeremy are renovating their house in CT and looking forward to making their union official. Thanks for reading our story and look forward to seeing everyone at the wedding! 

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